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This is the first time I have ever felt compelled to submit negative feedback on an online company. I have 5 motorcyles/dirtbikes and use a variety of online retailers for 90% of my motorcycle gear, parts and accessories. While there are the occasional bumps, I recent had my single worst experience.

I ordered two Blueant wireless F4 headsets since the two original headsets that came with the $600 kit failed in the first 30 days. I didn't even try to file a warranty claim as I figured that maybe I did something wrong. Needless to say, the replacement kits that I ordered quickly failed as well. However, my issue was only getting started.

Obtaining an return authorization was relatively easy. I packaged the products up and shipped them to the address on the return authorization. I was assured that I would have replacement units sent to me within 10 business days, which was more than enough time for a cross country motorcycle trip.

Well, it has been nearly 60 days and I have yet to even receive an email from blueant. I have called them 10+ times and literally get a different answer every time that I talk to someone. There is no customer service department - only a tech support department. Therefore, they first told me that they never received the returned products. I emailed my tracking numbers, but received no response. I called them and they claimed that they never received the tracking numbers (but still couldn't confirm if they had the products). We never did resolve the inbound issues. My latest call with them involved someone "telling" me that my replacement products were sent on via FedEx today. However, they could not provide a tracking number. I have talked to numerous supervisors and they are very rude and uncommitted to customer service.

I am actually not angry, but it is very discouraging. I have been respectful in all of my communications with them, but they have not been the same with me. I have no confidence that blueant is being honest with me, which is the most disturbing behavior of all. I have personally never experienced an online retailer that is so unorganized internally and seemingly not committed to customer care.

I personally will never buy another blueant product and I offer caution to anyone else considering a blueant product.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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would you post phone number for them i also have a problem

Grass Valley, California, United States #742529

i'm having difficulty straitening out an order also. M


Apparently I did not pay enough to qualify for warranty repair on my two month old Q2. Even though there is no mention of needing to pay retail for the device in their warranty.

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